Find Your Parenthood Purpose

Parenthood Purpose

Find Your Parenthood Purpose

Do you want to get clear about your motivation to become a parent, so you can make decisions confidently and remain resilient in the face of the ups and downs of parenthood?

There are many varied reasons why people want to be parents.

It’s so important to discover your ‘Big Why’ before you move towards parenthood. Without it, you risk drifting into decisions that aren’t aligned with your motivation, or you’ll have misunderstandings with your partner.

This mini-course helps you dive deeper into your motivations and purpose in moving towards parenthood, and the relationship between being a parent and the meaning of life! You can do this alone or with a partner.

Who is this for?

The doubtful

This is for you if you are sceptical or ambivalent about parenthood and want to explore and test your motivations and desires, perhaps helping you to decide whether to have children.

The planners

This is for you if you’re moving towards starting a family and want to 'do the work' on your motivation so you can make informed and aligned decisions. This is also for you if you have a partner, and can see the value in understanding each other better and being ‘on the same page’ about parenthood.

The curious

This is for you if you're the kind of person who's always asking 'Why?'. If, so far, articulating why you want to be a parent has always eluded you, or you don't feel like you've nailed it down yet, this will help you reach clarity.

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What's included

  • A mini-course (approx. 1 hour of content in 8 video and audio lessons - you choose your preferred format), on purpose, meaning and parenthood, including the 10 big motivations, and how to figure out your top 3 specific reasons for having children.
  • A Miro interactive whiteboard template, making it easy to organise your thoughts. Miro is a user-friendly free whiteboarding tool (no prior experience needed) and this mini-course gives you a template to copy which you can make your own and use privately.
  • A chance to ask your follow-up questions and get them answered by a real human being.
  • A £20 discount code for joining The Parenthood Planning Club, in case you decide to do so after the mini-course.

Miro board

A small part of the Miro interactive whiteboard.

This mini-course will help you to....

  • Demystify why people have kids

  • Explore your motivations in a calm, thoughtful and systematic way

  • Articulate your motivations clearly to yourself and your partner, so you can understand each other better, strengthening your relationship and communication

  • Start to formulate goals for your life as a parent, and grow your confidence to make decisions

  • Be more resilient when you are a parent, and less likely to blame your partner or be blamed

Video Course

Helen The Parenthood Planner

Let me be your guide to parenthood and purpose

My name is Helen, and I'm "The Parenthood Planner".

It's difficult for anyone to claim they are an expert in the purpose and meaning of parenthood. Yes, there are some academics who have studied this but I'm not one of them.

For what it's worth, my qualifications are:

  • A First Class degree in Philosophy from Oxford (OK, it was a LONG time ago, but I did do a LOT of thinking!)
  • 10 years of intense dithering about whether or not to be a parent
  • 5 years of struggles with infertility, all the while wondering "Is this worth it?"
  • 2 years of adoption preparation, and being challenged by social workers on my reasons for wanting to be a parent
  • 7 years as a parent to reflect on what it's all about!
  • 5 years of helping other adoptive parents figure out why they would want to do this
  • 2 years of research and running Preparental, the only parenthood planning business in the UK
  • Talking to a LOT of parents and those thinking about parenthood

No, I'm not an academic expert on this, but I'll share my thoughts and how I've helped others to think about parenthood and its purpose in your life.

What Laura thought

Laura M (psychologist)

Laura M (a psychologist) said the previous workshop version of this mini-course was “engaging and effective in helping you reflect on your parental motivations....

[The tool] is a really fantastic tool! The prompts are intelligently put together and the step-by-step process helps you arrive at a meaningful outcome that you can go back over to further deepen. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and leadership in this under-investigated and under-supported area of parenthood!... I feel a lot more confident and excited about exploring and sharing my motivations for parenthood with my partner and others. If you’re considering buying this, it's definitely worth investing in!”


Will you try to persuade me to have children?

No. I am entirely neutral on whether you should have kids. You won't find any persuasion in this mini-course. I know that having kids or not is a very personal decision and one that I believe needs to have both emotional and practical components. (I am also creating a mini-course on how to decide). I would never try to persuade anyone to do it, only give them resources that help them make that decision for themselves.

Are you a life coach or a therapist?

No. I produce digital materials to help people decide and plan for parenthood, I don't generally coach or advise on a 1:1 basis, however I will answer questions that you ask as a result of this mini-course.

How long will I have access?

By purchasing this mini-course, you’ll have access for the lifetime of this course, or 6 months, whichever is longer.

Do you offer guarantees or refunds?

If you have completed this mini-course and got no value from it, please let me know. Refunds are at my sole discretion.

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