The Parenthood Planning Club

The Parenthood Planning Club

Come and join our friendly Parenthood Planning Club!

In the UK, about one third of births are completely unplanned, but even most new parents who do intend to get pregnant haven't planned enough for the implications of becoming a parent.

Mostly because they don't know how.

The Parenthood Planning Club is a group of members who understand the value of planning parenthood, and the value of getting support to do so.

Not sure why you should plan parenthood? Read about why parenthood is so hard for modern parents.

Having children is not only financially expensive. It also affects most areas of your life including your career, your relationships and your mental health.

Joining The Parenthood Planning Club is an investment in yourself to set yourself up for success in parenthood.

(And as investments go, it has a pretty high return. It currently costs a lot less than 0.1% of the likely cost of having a child).

What kind of future parent are you?

💪 Are you a planner?

This is for you if you're already actively making plans, but feeling like you're the only one doing this!

Maybe you already use spreadsheets or lists to think about what you need to do. Or maybe you're already journalling your thoughts about parenthood.

You'll feel supported and connected to others who are making plans for parenthood, and you'll get ideas and insights you hadn't thought of.

Being part of the Club will keep you on track, help you get all your questions answered, and help you build a better plan that you can be confident in.

⏰ Are you a delayer?

This is also for you if you're procrastinating or postponing thinking about parenthood.

You might be burying your head in the sand. Or you might not be sure how to get started. Either way, if you know you want to be a parent, but you haven't started planning, this is for you.

You'll get the direction and support to get started with your planning, which will make all the difference to your experience of parenthood.

🤔 Are you undecided?

If you're unsure whether you even want to be a parent or not, this is also for you.

Do you want to take this decision seriously, and explore all options, so that you can move on with your life - with or without children?

Do you find it hard to know how to make this decision, or how to visualise your life as a parent?

Having a structure will help you avoid the overwhelm of this big decision, and to think more clearly so you can move forward.

The Parenthood Planning Club

What's included?

The Parenthood Planning Club includes education, information, tools and support to help you prepare your life for parenthood.

This is not an antenatal class. This is about your plans for your career, relationship, location, childcare, money, and home life. In the Club, you'll find:

✅  Well-researched, structured, information (mostly easily accessed in audio form as a private podcast)

✅  Ideas and advice on how to manage your work and life differently and what works for different parents

✅  A financial calculator (and full support) so you can figure out the impact of parenthood on your money [for UK residents only]

✅  The opportunity to ask questions and get them answered (and no question is a silly question!)

✅  Templates and workbooks to help you think through all your decisions, from childcare, to where to live, and how to manage the domestic load

✅  Connection opportunities with experts and other planners


You don't have to do this alone

My name is Helen. I am not a coach or a healthcare professional. I'm a researcher and a creator of useful tools and resources.

I have 20+ years experience in financial planning for large corporates, and I've personally experienced a vast array of emotions around parenthood, from doubt about whether to be a parent, through to infertility, and preparental anxiety.

What has helped me the most (by miles!) in my journey to become a parent - and in my 7 years so far as a parent - has been the plans I made.

But I didn't make these plans alone. In my case I was helped to make plans by social workers in the UK's adoption process. Yes, I'm an adoptive parent now, but when I entered the adoption process I still felt under-prepared. But the planning I was encouraged to do helped me to move from anxious to confident about becoming a parent, and has served me well in the years since, as a parent of 2 children.

I believe so strongly in the power of parenthood planning, that I was inspired to create The Parenthood Planning Club to help others still struggling to figure out what parenthood might be like for them, and how they can prepare for it.

What joining the Club will help you to do

✅  Reduce overwhelm and anxiety

✅  Get reliable information without spending hours going down rabbit holes

✅  Learn what you didn't realise you didn't know about parenthood (because it's hard to know where to even start!)

✅  Follow a step-by-step process to plan parenthood

✅  Get all your questions answered, in a way that helps you in your personal situation

✅  Make decisions more confidently, not just whether to have children but when and how

✅  Get on the same page as your partner (if you have one) and make sure they're also prepared

✅  Stop spinning in circles or overthinking, and move ahead with your life

What parenthood planning will do for you

Join The Parenthood Planning Club Today

Now is a great time to join!


Is this for future parents outside the UK?

Yes and No. The Club has been created with UK residents in mind.

In the educational material, the UK is referenced more than other countries, however sometimes it's useful to cite research from other countries.

The financial planning tools are UK-specific because of the country-specific nature of costs, government policies, benefits, taxes, etc.

If you are not living in the UK, you may join The Parenthood Planning Club, but you may not find all the resources are directly aimed at you. If you're not sure whether this will be useful for you because of your location, please email me at and I'll be totally honest about how much value I think you'll get from this.

Are you a certified financial planner?

No. I'm not qualified to recommend any financial products, nor do I do so, and I'm not regulated by the FCA or any other authority.

I am 'qualified by experience' including my 20+ years in a financial planning related career.

My financial plans are designed to be indicative, and they focus purely on income and expenditure, not on investments.

I offer no guarantees of my financial projections as tax rules and macro-economics can change at any time.

Do you provide 1:1 coaching sessions?

I am not a coach or a financial adviser. However I am happy to provide more bespoke help and support on a 1:1 (or couples) basis if I believe I can help.

I am particularly happy to help prospective adopters with adoption-specific aspects of their planning, and sometimes I'm able to do this for free.

Please contact me at if you would like to discuss more bespoke sessions.

What's In The Club Right Now?

The Club's resources are always growing, and by joining as a lifetime member you'll get it all.
Here's what you can currently find in the Club.

Education & Resources

  • The Parenthood Planning Journal - a structured workbook to collect all your thoughts and research.
  • “Your Purpose & Values” - A 1-hour mini-course and Airtable tool so you can get started working on your Big Why and articulating why you want to be parent.
  • Career Audit Workbook - A comprehensive way to assess your career, employer and role against the demands of parenthood, and think about what changes you might want to make.
  • Private Podcast - just for members, containing all the material in one place, so it's easy to listen to (and with transcripts).


  • A 30 Minute “Preparing for Parenthood” Self-Assessment: Discover your current level of preparedness, and where the gaps are, by completing this comprehensive online assessment. Use it to set your planning priorities based on what’s most important to you.
  • The Preparental Calculator: A financial calculator to help you work out the impact of your choices (parental leave, working hours, childcare, etc) on your household disposable income [for UK residents only], plus an Audio Guide and full support, in case the Calculator doesn't fit your exact circumstances.


  • A 30 Minute Onboarding Call or WhatsApp session with Helen - A call or real-time chat, to talk through your thoughts about parenthood, and figure out your planning priorities and next steps together. Questions answered or advice thrown in for free if asked for!
  • Bi-weekly (fortnightly) Live Group Sessions to ask questions or discuss a specific topic
  • Question Library where your questions get answered (in audio form) and you can listen to the answers on a private podcast
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