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How prepared are you for parenthood?

The Parenthood Planning Club

Preparental® is the home of The Parenthood Planning Club.

Yes you CAN prepare for parenthood!

In fact, making practical preparations and informed decisions about parenthood before it happens is not only possible - we believe it's essential.

However prepared you are right now, and whatever it takes for you to feel ready, there's no judgement here.

We'll simply help you learn what you need to know, reflect, set intentions, make informed choices, get on the same page as your partner, and set yourself up for success if/when you finally become a parent.

Parenthood planning is the smart move.

Parenthood has never been more challenging - financially, emotionally and logistically.

Preparental anxiety and the #childfree movement are growing trends.

And delaying the decision to become a parent, or skipping parenthood altogether, is becoming normal and rational.

Over 50% of women now don't have kids until they're in their 30s or older, and 20% won't have kids at all.

Parenthood planning really works.

Planning for parenthood will ease your anxiety now, before you become a parent.

(It may actually allow you to get excited about having a child!)

And it will build you a better life as a parent - setting you up for success (however you define it).

The only question is why everyone doesn't do it!

Now's the right time.

Now, before you become a parent, you have more energy, time, money and choices.

It only gets harder to make changes in your life when you have a child.

Don't wait until it's too late to make plans and make the big decisions. 

Everyone needs a helping hand to do this.

Chances are, you're going to need some help to plan parenthood.

After all, you don't know what you don't know. It's totally normal to need some help when you're planning to do something new!

And it's normal to feel lacking in knowledge, skills and confidence.

We'll provide a structured, step-by-step approach that doesn't overwhelm or scare you, and someone to hold your hand.

Let us be your guide through this unfamiliar territory.

Preparental Parenthood Planning

What is parenthood planning?

The Preparental® parenthood planning method has been devised by Helen Cammack.

It's a structured framework for learning about, thinking about, making decisions about, and preparing for parenthood. It can be used in as much, or as little, depth as you need.

It's structured so that it covers all the bases, and you can be sure you're not forgetting something important.

But the plan you create will not be like anyone else's - it will be uniquely your own.

Most of the content produced by Preparental® will be highly structured audio mini-courses, with bite-sized lessons, so you always know where you are in the process, and you can follow step-by-step to get to your plan.

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